About Bob the Plumber

Bob has been a plumbing contractor since 1989.

Bob the Plumber charges by the job, not the hour, which saves you money. Know the price before we do the work! We also shop the brands for you to save you money, and we'll gladly install what you have purchased.

Bob the Plumber never closes and does not charge you extra for after hours service! We buy in bulk to keep the prices down. We also use shoe covers and tarps in work areas, and clean up after were done. The work should make sense as to the problem and the fix, and that is what we aim for every time!

We work around your schedule.

#1 Plumbing Service Throughout Indianapolis!

Plumbing Repairs

  • • Any water leaks
  • • Diagnose High Water Bills
  • • Slab leaks
  • • Urinals
  • • Grease traps
  • • Sewage ejector pumps
  • • Water meter pit repairs
  • • Frozen pipes
  • • Outside garden hose faucets
  • • Toilet repairs or replacement
  • • Severe gas smells
  • • Tub & shower valves repairs or replacement
  • • Water heater repairs or replacements all brands